About Us

From the day our doors opened, over 15 years ago, Apex Vinyl Fencing has grown to become one of the leading vinyl fencing suppliers in the nation. We now have distribution facilities in Utah, Texas, Arizona and California, which means that we can ship your vinyl quickly, regardless of where you call home.

Our first location opened in Arizona in 1990; the owners were fed up with the sight of saggy, discolored vinyl fencing surrounding nice homes and were resolved to provide their community with a product that would be able to hold up to the relentless heat and sunlight of numerous Arizona summers. From there, we expanded into California, then Utah and into Texas.

All 4 of our bases of operations experience extreme weather in at least one season and we needed to be sure that our vinyl could hold up through all of it. California is wet, windy and unstable, with snow on one side and sand on the other. Our vinyl won’t decompose like metal or wood, it stands strong in California. Utah winters get well below freezing, with terrible snow storms from the Rocky Mountains to the valleys and plains. Our vinyl won’t swell or crack in the weather, it can handle the cold. Texas, California and Arizona are known for their glaring sunshine and heat, but our special infusion of Titanium Oxide keeps even the worst of the summer sunlight from yellowing our fences or making them brittle.

Standard vinyl fencing just isn’t good enough for the “extreme conditions” where many of our clients live, and investing in a poor quality vinyl fence is an expensive mistake. Our vinyl is incredibly strong and elegant, I guarantee that you’ll be as proud of it as we are.


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