Installation Tools

Before you start installing your own vinyl fence, here are a few installation tools that will help speed up the process and make it a little easier.

3/4” Vinyl Fence Notcher

Having a good vinyl fence notcher can save you a lot of time and lock- rings. This tool is 18” long, giving it enough torque to easily use it one handed. The narrow end of the chrome plated head of the notcher into the opening of the rail and squeeze it shut. For standard ranch railing, two of these notches on each side will keep the rail securely inside the vinyl post. These notches click into place when inserted, but can be compressed by our Rail Removers and extracted from the post. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration and tedium of using lock-rings, you’ll love how quick and convenient this tool makes assembling a vinyl fence.

1/4″ Vinyl Fence Notcher

A 1/4″ vinyl fence notcher makes assembling a vinyl fence a lot faster and easier, you also save the expense of buying lock-rings. This fence rail notcher has a 7/8” throat that makes a deep 1/4” tab in vinyl rails to prevent it from pulling out of the Post.

Rail Remover 2″ x 4″

In order to remove a 4” tall vinyl rail from a post, you simply insert these steel rail removers from inside the post, past the notches on both sides of the rail. If you need to extract a rail for any reason, this tool makes it quick and painless.

Rail Remover 4″ x 6″

If you need to remove a 6” tall rail, for any reason, this tool makes it simple. Simply insert these steel-bladed rail removers on each side of the rail (from inside the post) depressing the notches, allowing the rail to be easily withdrawn.