A vinyl fence post cap, or post top, is an important addition to your vinyl fencing. Our 4”x4” vinyl post caps are perfect for vinyl picket fences, pool fences and porch railing. We carry a number of designs, from simple pyramid caps to gothic spike and elegant ball post caps. All of our caps are made of our high quality vinyl, which includes a good portion of Titanium Oxide, to protect them from the sun. Our vinyl can withstand extreme desert heat without warping and can also weather cold winters without cracking. Our top of the line post caps will make a perfect addition to your vinyl fence, chose an option below.

4”x4” Vinyl Post Ball Cap

Our 4”x4“ vinyl post ball caps are made of high quality PVC vinyl and are perfect for picket, pool and porch fences. We use Titanium Oxide to protect our post ball caps from the suns heat and UV rays.

4”x4” Vinyl Classic Post Cap

The 4”x4” classic post cap in vinyl makes a great addition to any 4 inch vinyl fence, usually pool and picket fences or porch railing. It has a wide top and is terraced at the bottom, giving the post a structured geometric look.

4”x4” Vinyl External Pyramid Post Cap

The standard 4”x4” external pyramid post cap is a no nonsense cover for 4 inch vinyl posts. Where decorative post caps are great accent pieces to use on a fence, some people would rather not have them on every post. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, or to save money on a less visible portion of fencing, Our high quality pyramid post top will be perfect for you.

4”x4” Vinyl Gothic Post Cap

A good post top will accentuate your home or property, if you’re looking to add a little drama, our 4”x4” gothic post cap may be a perfect fit. With a tall narrow base curving into a tall pointed pyramid, this cap is both functional and attractive. You won’t be disappointed.

4”x4” Vinyl Cape May Cap

Our 4”x4” Cape May cap has a low profile terraced look, beveled on top with a low pyramid in the middle. For an understated look, this will be the perfect addition to your homes porch rail, pool fence or picket fence.

4”x4” Vinyl Hampton Cap

The elegant 4”x4” Hampton cap is a low, wide cap with a flair. It has a low sloping pyramid on top cut down to a large plateau reaching over the base. The underside has been cut back to make a gradual step toward the top of the post. If you are looking for an understated look, this may be the post top for you.

4”x4” Vinyl Haven Post Cap

The 4”x4” haven post cap is well suited to its task of keeping your haven safe and looking great. In the 4”x4” size, it is perfect for pool fences, picket fences and porch railing. It features a large pyramid set atop a wide base with a low step underneath, tapering down to the fence post. It will add a level of sophistication to your fence.

4”x4” Vinyl Neptune Post Cap

Our 4”x4” Neptune post cap is a low rounded pyramid with a wide base and a step tapering toward the bottom. It will look great on the fence posts around your home or pool.

4”x4” Vinyl New England Post Cap

Our 4”x4” New England post cap is a beautiful option for your 4 inch fence posts. It tapers out from the bottom in a series of squared off steps and back in to the top with a pyramid topped by another smaller pyramid. It’s a complex geometric shape that adds a level of sophistication and beauty to any 4” fence post.