Your vinyl picket fence is a beautiful addition to your home, it has a single uncomfortable flaw the top of each picket is open and uncovered. If you would like to not only cover the ends of your pickets, but provide them with a uniform finished look, these vinyl picket caps are the perfect way to do it. There are a few options available, based on the dimensions of your pickets. All are available in both white and almond.

(20) Pack of 7/8” x3” Vinyl Dog Ear Picket Cap

Our Vinyl dog ear picket cap is a low profile flat topped cap, sized to fit the standard 7/8” x3” picket. Our packages of 20 caps each are a great value. They slide snugly into the tops of your pickets giving your fence a sleek, finished look.

(20) Pack of 7/8” x3” Vinyl Spade Picket Cap

This pack of 20 vinyl spade picket caps is sized to fit into the standard 7/8” x3” vinyl pickets. These are tall pointed caps, rounded on the tops and edges. Give your vinyl picket fence a uniform finished look.

(20) Pack of 7/8” x1.5” Vinyl Spade Picket Cap

If your vinyl picket fence pickets are open to the elements, cover them with these vinyl spade picket caps. Also called spear caps, these spade caps slide into and fit around 7/8” x1.5” pickets. You will love the way they make your fence look.

(20) Pack of 1”x1” Vinyl Gothic Picket Cap

If your fence is made with 1” x1” pickets, this 20 pack is a beautiful option to cover the open ends that are currently exposed. These spear point style gothic picket caps slide firmly around the top of each picket.

(20) Pack of 1.5” x1.5” Vinyl Gothic Picket Cap

Our vinyl gothic picket caps come in a pack of 20, sized to fit firmly over the top of 1.5” x1.5” pickets. The smooth edged spear point look is an elegant way to finish your vinyl fence.

(20) Pack of 1.5”x1.5” Vinyl Sharp Picket Cap

There are 20 sharp picket caps in each pack. They are low pyramid shaped vinyl caps that fit into the tops of 1.5” x1.5” pickets.

(20) Pack of 1.375” x1.375” Sharp Picket Cap

Our sharp picket caps for 1.375” x1.375” vinyl pickets come in packs of 20. Each cap is a low pyramid that fits snugly into the top of the picket.