If your home has a porch, it’s important to keep it from becoming a danger to your friends, family and pets. Our porch railing is sturdy and elegant, ready to be installed along the edge of your porch. It might not be as much fun for your kids as jumping off of the edge, but it will help you breathe a bit easier when they are out from under your eye.

Standard Porch Railing

Of all our products, porch rail fencing is the most visible and must be the most attractive. Our vinyl is smooth and strong, able to withstand heat and UV rays from the sun without sagging or discoloring and can shrug off winter freezes without expanding or cracking. Our pickets are close enough together that little heads won’t get stuck between them, low enough to the porch that kids can’t get under and tall enough that they can’t easily climb over. It’s important to protect your family, now you can without hurting your curb appeal.

Standard 3' tall panel, 2" x 3.5" rails, 4" x 4" posts, and 1.5" x 1.5" pickets.

- 3' tall panels
- 7/8" x 1.5" pickets with 3" gap
- 2" x 3.5" top and bottom rails
- 5" x 5" posts
- Available in white or almond
- 3 Feet Tall

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