Ranch Rail fencing experiences the most wear and tear, of all fencing. While a kid might stand on the bottom rail of a privacy fence now and then, or hop over a low picket fence, it’s not the same as what ranch railing goes through. Ranch rail fences are used to keep in livestock like cows and horses, that’s why the posts are buried so deeply. Because vinyl is more durable, stronger and easier to maintain than a wood fence, it will keep your animals in longer and with less headaches.

2 Rail Ranch Style Fence

If you’ve got some property that you want to define without actually keeping people out, 2 rail ranch rail fencing is the way to go. This decorative, but sturdy fencing is 3 feet tall and buried 18 inches into the ground. It’s easy to climb over, but makes it clear where your property ends and the neighbor’s begins.

Premium Grade 2-Rail: 1.5" x 5.5" x 191.5" Ribbed Rails .090 wall Thickness 5" x 5" x 54" Post .150 wall thickness

- 2 Rail Ranch Style Fence - Standard Grade
- 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" Rails (.090 double ribbed)
- 5" x 5" Posts (.150 wall thickness)
- Available in white or almond
- 1.5x5.5 Rail

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