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Do you know how much vinyl to order?

If you’ve decided to install it yourself, do you know how to assemble it?

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How to Determine the Right Style of Fencing for You

What styles of fence are available?

If it can be made of wood or ornamental iron, chances are it can be made from vinyl as well. We can manufacture vinyl fences to match the style you have been dreaming about. Your favorite style may already be waiting for you on our Products Page (link to Products/fencing).

If the style you have in mind isn’t there, contact us about creating a custom style, just for your vinyl fence. If you aren’t sure that the style you’ve chosen to fit your property will fit your budget, you can check our Price Per Foot (link to price/foot page) page, to help you come to an educated decision.

Can the product be used to build gates?

Yes, gates can be built from the same material as our fences. Our vinyl railing can easily be assembled into gates that match the style of fence you have chosen. We have years of experience building custom gates into our vinyl fences, giving our customers a product that will operate smoothly and last for years to come. If you are considering a large gate and aren’t sure that the vinyl will be strong enough to support itself, we use welded steel gate frames to make sure that you will have the best gate available.

Color availability

All of our products are available in both white and almond. It is difficult to color our products because of the titanium dioxide in our mixture. We use titanium dioxide, which is white, as a color loss and change inhibitor, meaning that it protects our vinyl from yellowing in the sun. Dark colored vinyl isn’t used often in this industry, because it attract the sun’s rays and heat. Gathering and storing that heat leads to warping, sagging, fading and other various forms of sun damage.

How tall can I make my vinyl fence?

Depending on the type of Vinyl Fencing (link to products/vinyl fencing page) you are interested in, there are several height options, including having custom lengths of vinyl cut for your particular fencing. We recommend that, regardless of the style you choose, any fence over 6 feet tall should have its posts Reinforced (link to products/fence-accessories/post-insert). We tend to use metal inserts that fits inside the bottom of the vinyl post and is buried with additional concrete reinforcement, inside and out.

Where can I learn more about your vinyl products?

Our Vinyl FAQ (link to FAQ page) section can help answer many of the questions that other clients have asked us. Our answers, over the years have helped them decide on the right fence for their property and we are confident that their questions and our answers can help you as well. If you have other questions and would like to speak with us directly, call us at (999)999-9999, we look forward to helping you.


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Installing Your Fence