To Keep Your Yard Looking Pristine, You Need to Know How to Clean Vinyl Fencing.

One of the best parts of having a quality vinyl fence is the ease of cleaning. Vinyl fences tend to hold up much better than block and stucco, wood or metal fences, and can be cleaned with almost no effort at all.

After a few years of being climbed on, leaned against, sprayed by sprinklers and domesticated animals and violated by passing birds, fences show some wear and tear. Add to that wind, rain, snow, hail, floods and other acts of God and you are lucky to have a fence standing at all. If after a few years you still have a fence, it probably needs a little TLC.

Cleaning Vinyl Fencing with a Garden Hose

To clean vinyl fencing, most common messes can be cleaned up by a low pressure wash. Washing can be done with a pressure nozzle on a regular garden hose.

Scrubbing Vinyl Fencing with Soap Water

More stubborn problems can be cleaned with either a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush or a pressure washer with a warm soap water mixture. A scrub brush may or may not be necessary to remove difficult dirt or discoloration.

Simple Green Vinyl Cleaning

If your vinyl fence is covered in grease, moss, hard water or other difficult adherent, you will need something a little stronger to remove it. Because of the way vinyl is made, bleach and other harsh chemicals can damage and discolor your fencing, leaving it susceptible to greater damage. A natural degreasing solvent, like Simple Green is perfectly suited to cleaning vinyl without damaging it.

For isolated spots on an otherwise clean vinyl fence, spray with a spray bottle of Simple Green, let it sit for a minute or so then scrub with your scrub brush and/or wipe it clean with a rag.

Larger problems, like the hard water discolorations from a sprinkler system or moss, spot cleaning would leave a polka-dot pattern of white spots on a dirty background. To clean this, it would be better to fill a pressure washer with warm water and simple green and spray the fence on LOW – Medium low pressure, let it sit for a few minutes then rinse it clean with water. As before, if more drastic cleaning is required, scrub the offending dirt with a scrub brush before rinsing off the Simple Green solution.

Vinyl fencing is the best fencing option, it doesn’t require, painting, staining, sanding, and will stand for decades without rusting or rotting away. The ease installation and cleaning, the beauty and all weather durability make vinyl fencing the obvious favorite of property owners the world over. Now all you have to do is settle on a style, and Homestead Fence Company is here to help you find the perfect fence to accentuate your property.